IT Infrastructure Services

Security and Infrastructure assessment – A periodic comprehensive review of your computing environment. We recommend an annual assessment.
Computer Hardware – Servers and networking equipment
Connectivity – Local and Internet connectivity for your business. We’ll survey the providers available in your area to determine the best fit and service plan for your needs. If you’re moving to new offices, bring us in at the beginning and let us help compare facilities from an IT perspective. This will give you a better idea of the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for a particular space.
Migration – migrate your existing on-site services to cloud hosted offerings or migrate from the cloud to a local server infrastructure. We’ve done it all.
Planning – planning and project management. Server Room design and construction.
Training – From basic computer skills to advanced application management
Integration – Integrate your cloud or premise based solutions with other software and devices.
Mobility – Smartphones, tablets etc…
Proactive System Monitoring  – we think it’s better if we know about and solve issues before you even become aware of them. That’s why we offer Proactive System Monitoring to our regular clients.
Helpdesk – Technical support
Tier 2 Support – Advanced Tech support