Insider Attacks

I’ve attended numerous data security seminars and classes over the years and, even with the advances in Internet accessibility, the number one risk remains the insider attack. Disgruntled or departing employees, outside consultants, visitors, even the cleaning staff – anyone that has access to your offices can be a threat.

Be sure to protect your vital data…

SSDs provide a huge performance boost!

SSDs are Solid State Drives – basically a hard drive made up of non-volatile memory with no moving parts. They run faster, cooler and extend battery life on laptops. I replaced the standard 500gb drive on my three-year old MacBook Pro with a new 500gb SSD and the boot time was reduced to a fraction of what it was before.

Since I’m a nerd, I clocked the boot time before replacing the drive, and it took 1 minute and 34 seconds to get to a login prompt. After the SSD was in place that time dropped to 19.5 seconds. In general the system is much faster and more pleasant to use.

Worried about privacy?

Maybe you should pay more attention to the person standing behind you…?

Windows Updates are Important

When your Windows PC tells you that there are important updates available for your computer, how often do you ignore the message? Keeping the operating system current is one defense against malware…

iPad Power Point App

This new app for iPad appears to have some nice Power Point collaboration tools….